Impôts 2023

Suzanne Jacques


(450) 635-8139

Préparation de déclarations d'impôts
Québec, Canada

  Signatures and Payment - How to Proceed


Please Sign and return only the signed forms contained in the file [Name_LastName]_signatures_fact.pdf

Documents to sign

  • TP1000 Internet Transmission of an individual's income tax return - sign at section 4
    T183 Information return for electronic filing of an income tax return - sign at Partie F

If present, these federal and provincial authorizations:

  • MR69 Authorization for the disclosure of information (Provincial) - sign at section 5
    Authorize a representative (Federal) - sign at the bottom

Send us the signatures

You can securely send them to us via your client account on our website using the file upload tool or, as a last resort, by email. Refer to the section on electronic signatures if needed.

Send us the payment

Please send us a check by mail or an INTERAC bank transfer to this address:
If a password is required, use the same password that opens your PDF file.

Transmission of your statements

Your statements will be transmitted to the government upon receipt of your signatures and payment.


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